About Nilabam

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Launched in 2015 created by professional web developers for users. Our website is committed to promote Nigerian film industry and updates profiles and lifestyles of Nigerian actors and actresses on the site. Allows users to express their feelings about Nigerian films on the website and provides separate account for each visitor.

Updates information and news about the Nigerian film industry:

1) Our website is a platform for those who would like to update information about the entertainment industry.

Gives facility to check movies already seen earlier:

1) Allows users to check movies which they have seen earlier and helps to select and watch new movies.
2) Supports producers in Nigeria by updating information about the movie trailers on the website and connects with audience.

Reduces piracy:

1) Decreases piracy by accessing secure and auditable distribution channels.
2) Provides information about the latest Nigerian movies.
3) Will share information about the latest movies before they are released.

Supports producers to promote their movies:

1) Helps producers to earn more money as audience will get to know about the latest Nigerian movies from our website.

Assists musicians to promote their albums:

1) Our website is a source for musicians to promote their albums.